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Foundation ‘Het Zuid-Hollands Landschap’ and Peterson join forces for nature

Peterson has become an official Green Partner of Het Zuid-Hollands Landschap, a foundation that takes care of the green treasures of nature in the province Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands. Together they will take care of the nature reserve called ‘Klein Profijt’ in Rhoon, located near the city of Rotterdam.
Klein Profijt is a very special nature reserve. The freshwater tidal area is home to many rare species, including a large number of plant types not commonly found in the region. The area is perfect for taking a walk in nature and if you’re lucky, you can even spot a beaver!

The kingcup and the summer snowflake flowers are present in Klein Profijt, as well as a diversity of mosses and lichens. The area has a great cultural-historical value, because of the old willow forest and the only unembanked duck decoy system in the Netherlands.

The Zuid-Hollands Landschap is delighted to welcome Peterson as a Green Partner. Michiel Houtzagers, director of foundation Het Zuid-Hollands Landschap: "The support of companies and sponsors is extremely important. Only then can we continue to take care of nature. The costs for the management of a nature reserve such as Klein Profijt are higher than for other areas. We have to take into account not only the weather, but also the ebb and flow difference and we need sailing equipment. With Peterson's sponsorship, we can protect and preserve this gem for future generations.”

The collaboration is perfectly aligned with Peterson's 'Dare to Care' program, which reflects corporate sustainable responsibility across business operations. Arno Mählmann, one of the directors of Peterson Rotterdam said: "Our Dare to Care program is based on four pillars: our customers, employees, environment and community. We support various community projects worldwide. Sponsoring Klein Profijt, located in Rotterdam - where it all started for our company - is very special. In this way we can contribute to the maintenance and continuation of this unique nature area. We are therefore looking forward to this cooperation with great enthusiasm."


Peterson joins forces with Het Zuid-Hollands Landschap

Peterson joins forces with Het Zuid-Hollands Landschap
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