Our approach

The international character of trade and the varying circumstances in each location mean that checks and local logistical expertise are an essential part of the modern logistic chain.
We believe that a logistics provider needs to have a thorough understanding of commodities to advise and deliver the best logistics solutions.

Essential information for a successful logistics plan includes:
  • Weather conditions for loading and unloading
  • Temperature of the commodity
  • Commodity characteristics, such as the potential for self-combustion, creating toxins, fungus, or harbouring insects etc.
  • Weight
Our approach is to take the burden of all the above away from our customers. We combine inspections with integrated logistics, starting with our understanding of load port details, through to vessel planning via agencies, stevedores, discharges, inspections and barge brokerage - all linked together through an integrated IT platform.
We build strong relationships with our customers and ensure the appropriate level of support.
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